Triads (Part 2) - The Caged Method

Again, not really an "advanced" lesson, but something I'd like to discuss briefly... the "Caged" method. It works like this. On the guitar you basically have 5 shapes for any major chord. They are the shapes found when playing the C, A, G, E and D major chords in open position on the guitar.

Check it out... the 5 major shapes followed by a C major chord all over the guitar neck using the CAGED method:

Playing a C major chord Using the CAGED method.

What's cool about this method is that it enables you to come up with some very cool voicings, that at first glance, don't look anything like one of the 5 basic major shapes. A key idea here is to break up the bigger and more difficult voicings into smaller more practical voicings... like the G shape and so on.

The next logical step, of course, is to lower the 3rd in each of the major voicings above to get your minor chord voicings. Check it out:

Playing an A minor chord Using the CAGED method.

Again, some of these voicings are more useful than others, but each one is worth exploring. I've tried to show you ways to break up the shapes into smaller more mangeable voicings. And that's the CAGED method in a nutshell.