Basic DOS Commands
Here is an index of DOS commands:
Task Command Example
make a directory (folder) mkdir  NAME  mkdir  hw1
change to another disk DISKNAME: d:
change directory cd  NAME cd  hw1
change up to parent directory cd .. cd ..
remove a directory and all its contents deltree  NAME deltree  hw1
show current directory cd cd
list files in current directory dir dir
copy a file to the current directory copy  NAME copy  d:\cs1300\manuals\lab\bugs.cxx
copy a file to a floppy disk copy  NAME  a: copy  hello.cxx  a:
copy a file from a floppy disk to the current directory copy a:\NAME copy  a:\hello.cxx
delete a file del  NAME del  hello.cxx
rename a file rename  OLD  NEW rename  hello.cxx  bestwork.cxx
rename a directory move OLD NEW move  hw1  program1