The Definitive Wall Series, 1980-81

The Definitive Wall series is a grouping of seven Wall concerts rarely seen out there in cyberland. Flynn tossed them onto the Floydlive listserv for weeding out, a process where one (a subscriber to the list) gets a free show on the condition that they give it to 3 other people. Needless to say, it has gotten a HUGE response, and literally dozens if not more than a hundred weeders have gotten copies of these shows, 4 of which were speed corrected or otherwise remastered by Ranger Danalog. The collection consists of the following dates:

  1. 2-8-1980 *
  2. 2-25-1980
  3. 2-27-1080 *
  4. 8-9-1980
  5. 2-18-1981
  6. 2-19-1981 *
  7. 6-16-1981 *

* Denotes a Danalog re-mastered and/or a speed-corrected recording.

Pink Flupe - The Wall