Man of Leisure Music was not so much founded as it just kind of happened over a period of time. The three gents who initially "created" MoLM (Danalog, Flupe and Flynn) have all been avid fans and collectors of Pink Floyd music for many years. Later, a fourth member, RoastedBean, a friend of Danalog's, became involved with MoLM too.

Indeed, the music of Pink Floyd is much of the glue that has brought these individuals together as friends, and keeps them together as such, despite the fact that they live in three different states: the state of Confusion (New York), the state of Enlightenment (Colorado - more specifically: Boulder, Colorado), and the state of Leisure (Arizona).

MoLM's roots are in upstate New York, where Danalog and Flupe collected Pink Floyd bootlegs in high school long before there were such acronyms as "RoIO" (Records of Illegitimate/Illegal Origin) to kick around in describing the hobby. Danalog and Flupe just used to called them "Bootlegs" or "Boots" for short. Flynn entered the picture later adding much energy and enthusiasm - his relentless dedication, generosity, and good spirit placed MoLM on the strong historical footing it rests today.

Finally, RoastedBean was the last member to enter the MoLM organization and has offered much technical and moral support over the years. For instance, RoastedBean used to be the webmaster for the now defunct website. He also developed and designed the cool Flash animations used for this site.

Pink Floyd, Circa 1971
(Pink Floyd, Circa 1971)

Each member of MoLM all slipped into their respective roles almost entirely by accident, but this contributed to MoLM's success in finding, trading, remastering and re-releasing the rarest and lowest generation sources of live Pink Floyd music. Of course, the advent of the Internet and digital technology also played a major role in catapulting their musical hobby into a new dimension.

Danalog (affectionately known as "Ranger Dan", or more recently, "Dr. Dan", or simply "Danalog", for his love of analog sound) was MoLM's remastering engineer. In the "old days", Flupe taught Danalog how to speed correct old recordings by tuning a guitar to 440-A and then matching up the old Floyd recordings to this properly tuned instrument. "Embryo" was in E minor and "Dark Side of the Moon" started out in E minor too and so on. Flupe knew all of the keys these songs were played in as he started playing guitar at the age of 15 and Pink Floyd was and still is his all-time favorite band. In fact, it was Pink Floyd that inspired Flupe to play the guitar to begin with. This guitar-tuning/speed-correcting technique was a very simple idea, but it worked perfectly and really got Danalog setup with his early remastering efforts.

Flupe was MoLM's webmaster and secondary RoIO prospector. The first MoLM web site was and then later RoastedBean's website ran as MoLM's main site before it became defunct a few years ago or so.

Flynn (his first name was only used at baptism) was the major force in prospecting, trading, re-releasing, networking and promoting MoLM throughout the Floyd trading community. Finally, RoastedBean offered technical and non-technical support for anything else MoLM needed that Danalog, Flynn and/or Flupe couldn't provide.

The first MoLM remastered re-release was of the last "real" Pink Floyd concert, the last Wall show performed at London's Earl's Court, June 17, 1981. Since then, the magic of Danalog's remastering skills has touched many RoIOs, particularly from the Animals and Wall Show concert eras. The most noteworthy release that MoLM has distributed to the trading community was The Definitive Wall Series, which consists of seven rare and unusual dates from the 1980-81 Wall show tours, and is of particularly high quality.

How did MoLM get their name? It's a mercifully short story. Flynn has always been in awe of Danalog's uncanny ability to do as little work as humanly possible, sleep until noon, and remain as unfazed as a sphynx concerning the on-goings of this crazy world. On a particular visit to Danalog's bungalow in sunny Arizona, Flynn couldn't help but keep calling him the "Man of Leisure." The rest, of course, is history.

The last time the four of them were together was back in November 2010, in Phoenix, Arizona, for the Roger Waters WALL show. It was quite a monumental week for all. Danalog and Flupe wound up seeing 3 WALL shows that year: Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix over the course of only 5 days. Flupe later went on to see the last 4 of 6 WALL shows in London at the O2 Arena in May 2011, and then the following year he saw two more shows: one in Denver (a second Denver show) and then in New York City at Yankee Stadium for a total of 9 WALL shows. Each one was better than the next.

- Flupe (Boulder, CO) ~ 28-Jan-2013