Gabriel Perry - FALLING 

Songs Length and Recording Date
1. Falling (4:07 -- Recorded during the Fall or Winter of 1992)
2. Suicidal Explorations, Part 1 (12:53 -- Recorded early to mid October of 1992)
3. Daydreaming (7:03 -- Recorded during late October 1992)
4. A Snippet of Frippet (2:55 -- Recorded September 27, 1992)
5. Suicidal Explorations, Part 2 (18:32 -- Recorded October 24, 1992)
6. A Prayer For Lost Friends (6:31 -- Recorded during the Winter of 1992)
7. Falling Through (12:10 -- Recorded during the Winter of 1992)
Total Playing Time: 64:11
All songs © by Gabriel Perry, 1992 and Beyond.
Released ~1994 by Gabriel Perry with nobody's permission.


Session Info:

  • This is a collection of songs I put together right before I moved to Boulder, in 1994. All of the songs were recorded in Albany, New York.
  • I had been hanging on to the master tapes for a couple of years but hadn't done anything with them. This was at a time when CD-Rs weren't available to the public for a reasonable price. They were very expensive and there was no such thing as a cheap CD burner. A unit probably costs thousands.

    So, before I left Boston, I hired a couple of sound engineers (who were formerly Berklee students) and asked them to help me mix the tapes which we did in a small studio right across the street from Berklee's 150 Mass Ave. building. We then had the newly mixed tracks burned onto a gold compact disc which cost about $100 just for the disc alone! I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Original Untitled Gold Disc
  • TRIVIA: The original title for this album was  UNTITLED  because, for the longest time, I just didn't know what to call it.
  • Tracks 2 and 4 were recorded down the hall in my old bedroom on Primrose Lane in upstate New York.
  • I remember one evening my friends Mike and Gaven were "encouraging" (more like taunting) me to go upstairs and record something cool and I came up with Track 2: Suicidal Explorations, Part 1.
  • Tracks 3 and 5 were recorded in the weight room at my Dad's office building at 251 New Karner Rd. in Albany, NY.

    By the way, if you don't see the humor in the title Suicidal Explorations, Part 2, then there's really not much hope for you is there? I mean, how the fuck can there be a Part 2?
  • Tracks 6 and 7 were recorded in the kitchen at my Grandparents' house at 11 Maxwell St. in Albany, NY.

    You see, I had turned their kitchen into a recording studio while they were living in Florida for the winter. I remember spending many quiet nights alone in their home playing guitar while watching the snow fall from the front bay window of their living room without any lights on in the entire house.
  • Track 1 was either recorded either in the weight room, in the kitchen or in my old bedroom. I can't seem to remember.
  • To me, these recordings signify the end of my childhood and a turning point in my life, as I was moving from the east coast and starting a new life for myself out west in Colorado. I was about to study Buddhism in Boulder, at the Naropa Institute (now known as Naropa University.)

Instruments Played:

Gabriel Perry - I played a Fender Stratocaster and an Ovation steel-string acoustic guitar. I also played some slide guitar too. The Ovation was a 12-string guitar, but I strung it as a 6-string as the wider spacing between the strings lent itself better for finger-style playing.