Gabriel Perry - Conversations With Myself 

Conversations With Myself
Songs Length and Recording Date
1. Magnet Opus (5:14 -- Recorded November 17, 2001)
2. Tears (5:46 -- Recorded October 21, 2001)
3. Study In Loneliness, No. 2 (9:18 -- Recorded August 17, 2001)
4. Study In Loneliness, No. 3 (7:54 -- Recorded August 17, 2001)
5. Monkey Buttons (2:51 -- Recorded sometime in 2000)
6. Flynn (6:03 -- Recorded July 13 & 15, 2001, and added real bass guitar a year later on July 13, 2002.)
7. Freak (6:29 -- Recorded February 16, 1997)
8. Anthem Of A Young Man (aka Life) (3:18 -- Recorded July 29, 2001)
9. Descent (6:15 -- Recorded November 13, 1993)
10. Cowboy Raga (2:39 -- Recorded July 16, 2001)
11. BONUS TRACK: Sraet (5:46 -- Recorded October 21, 2001)
Total Playing Time: 61:37
All songs © by Gabriel Perry, 1993, 1997, 2000-2002, and Beyond.
Released by Gabriel Perry with nobody's permission.


Session Info:

  • Tracks 1 - 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11 were recorded in my room on Hayden Pl. in Boulder, CO.
  • Track 5 was recorded at my friend Rachel's place in north Boulder, Colorado. She mixed this tune and engineered the session. I just sang and played, a nice change of pace. I believe she used a Mac and ProTools for the session. I may have used one of her Taylor acoustic guitars too.
  • Track 7 was recorded in my room at Woody's place in Lafayette, Colorado. Some recording trickery was used to speed up the lead guitar track. The tune is in C# minor. I slowed the tape down such that the song was transposed to A minor, a major 3rd lower. I then played and recorded the guitar solo over the slower tempo. Afterwards, when mixing, I sped the track back up to its normal speed. The end result being a lead guitar that sounds like it's being played at a blistering speed. Tricky.
  • Track 9 was recorded in Boston at 11 Queensbury St. on the 5th floor in the corner apartment in my room overlooking Fenway Park. Sadly, the bass guitar used on that track was later tossed out my 5-story bedroom window and fell to its death in the alley below. Such was life back then for me in the early 90's... full of angst and nihilism.
  • I believe all tracks were recorded using a BOSS BR-8 except Track 9, Descent, which was recorded using a Fostex 4-track tape recorder. I believe the master stereo track for this piece was slowed down to give it a smeared and slow motion effect.
  • The "bonus" track, Sraet, is Track 2 played backwards. Somehow the backwardness gives the vocals a Jewish sound to them.

Instruments Played:

Gabriel Perry - Guitars (acoustic and electric), bass and vocals. It's been many years since I recorded these pieces so my memory is a little hazy about which instruments I played when recording. Most likely, however, I played most electric guitar parts on my very first Fender Stratocaster, which was an American Standard from 1987 or '88. I also probably played an old Washburn acoustic guitar for Tears and Anthem of a Young Man and my friend's Taylor acoustic guitar for Monkey Buttons.