Gabriel Perry - Green Is My Favorite Colour 

Green Is My Favorite Colour
Songs Length and Recording Date
1. Study in E minor (1:44 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
2. Lagrima (Teardrop) (2:40 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
3. Peace - A Theme (1:46 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
4. Waltz (2:56 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
5. The Rain Song (6:08 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
6. Is There Anybody Out There? (1:50 -- Recorded August 1, 2002)
7. Mood For A Day (3:27 -- Recorded August 9, 2002)
8. Crazy World (2:32 -- Recorded July 31, 2002)
Total Playing Time: 23:05
All songs were recorded without anyone's permission.
Released by Gabriel Perry in 2002.
Mister Time

Session Info:

  • All songs were recorded in Boulder, Colorado (on Hayden Pl. in the front bedroom) from July 31 to August 9, 2002. Most songs were recorded on a single day, the first of August.
  • Tracks 1 and 2 composed by Francisco Tárrega. Study in E minor was the first classical guitar study I ever learned. Whenever I played it, my mother would start to cry.
  • Track 3 composed by Robert Fripp. This is one of my favorite pieces and it can be found on King Crimson's second album: In The Wake Of Poseidon.
  • Track 4 composed by Ferdinando Carulli. A simple yet beautiful guitar study.
Missus Angel
  • Track 5 composed by Jimmy Page. My interpretation of one of Page's best guitar pieces.
  • Track 6 composed by Pink Floyd. Rumor has it, the Pink Floyd hired a classical guitarist to come in and perform this piece when they were recording The Wall. This is a great little guitar exercise and helps one develop right-hand arpeggiation technique.
  • Track 7 composed by Steve Howe. My rendition of Steve's classic guitar piece. On this recording, I'm playing a steel string acoustic guitar.
  • Track 8 composed by John Lennon. This is an arrangement of a song I heard in a documentary about John Lennon.