Gabriel Perry - Neptunian Sunrise 

Neptunian Sunrise
Songs Length and Recording Date
1. Neptunian Sunrise (19:10 -- Recorded February 10, 2013)
2. Hippity Hop (3:05 -- Recorded November 21, 2012)
3. Someday We'll Get There (6:27 -- Recorded March 24, 2013)
4. Improv in G Lydian (2:11 -- Recorded November 13, 2015)
5. Dreaming (8:00 -- Recorded June 17, 2013)
6. Arrival (22:48 -- Recorded December 31, 2012, Remixed on December 2, 2013)
7. Drift (7:48 -- Recorded January 18, 2014)
8. BONUS TRACK: Crazy Wisdom (7:16 -- Recorded Summer 2004)
Total Playing Time: 76:45
All songs © by Gabriel Perry, 2015 and Beyond.
Released by Gabriel Perry with nobody's permission on 19-Dec-2015.


Session Info:

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Most of these songs were recorded in Boulder, Colorado, between November 2012 and January 2014. "Improv in G Lydian" was recorded in November 2015. "Crazy Wisdom" was recorded over a couple of days during the summer of 2004. I never released it as part of a collection of songs, or album, so I'm releasing it now as part of the Neptunian sessions.

All of these recordings were recorded at my residence in Boulder (usually late at night). So, these are very much "home grown" works of art.

Instruments Played:

Gabriel Perry - Electric, acoustic (steel and nylon string) guitars. E-Bow (electric bow) and slide guitars. Looping and sound effects.

I play Fender and Gibson guitars. I also play an old Washburn acoustic guitar, as well as old Japanese Classical nylon string guitar (on "Improv in G Lydian").

I use a DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper pedal as well as many other pedals and effects. Visit The Pedalboard Page for more details.