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My name is Gabriel Perry and I'm a guitarist living in Boulder, Colorado. In November of 2012, I started experimenting with a Looper pedal. Since then, I've been creating and recording a bunch of instrumental guitar improvisations, sort of musical meditations, if you will.

Most compositions are performed live without any overdubs which gives these pieces a real performance feel to them, but I've also recently started multi-tracking and sense the strong creative possibilities there which is very exciting.

Gabriel, 15-Dec-2013

Sound Cloud...

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Sound Cloud is an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website. It let's me share my music with you for free.

Here's a direct link to my Sound Cloud page ==>

You can stream my songs from within your web browser or using your smart phone with the SoundCloud app installed. Headphones are your best option if your computer isn't hooked up to a good stereo system.

So, pour yourself a drink or make yourself a nice cup of hot tea and get comfortable on the couch. Then hit the play button on your media device and have a listen. You might just find that this music can help you to relax after a long day, or as a friend said to me once, it might just help you hear yourself.


~Gabriel, 26-Dec-2013


The Discography...

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Album Cover Album Title Date Released
Falling  01. Falling  December 1994
Conversations With Myself 02. Conversations With Myself February 7, 2002
Messin' Avec History 03. Messin' Avec History - The Bounder and Cheat Sessions July 21, 2002
Green Is My Favorite Colour 04. Green Is My Favorite Colour August 9, 2002
Samsaric Cinema 05. Samsaric Cinema December 29, 2002
Crazy Wisdom 06. Crazy Wisdom and Helium Rain Sessions Summer and Fall of 2004
Neptunian Sunrise 07. Neptunian Sunrise December 19, 2015
Spaces 08. SPACES December 19, 2015
Nostralgic For The Present 09. Nostalgic For The Present November 5, 2017



Over the Years...

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