May 23, 1968, The Paridiso Club, Amsterdam

The guy I got this recording from listed it as being performed on October 9, 1968, in Amsterdam at the Fantasio Club, but I cannot find any record of this. Herwig's site, the Pink Floyd RoIO DB site, lists this gig as being performed on July 31, 1968, but I don't think this is correct either. After doing some research, I came across another site, Crazy D's Floyd RoIO site, which lists this gig as being performed on May 23, 1968. This seems more reasonable to me as it is documented in Vernon Fitch's book, The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia, that the Floyd played on this date in Amsterdam.

I think this is a pretty cool recording even though the recording quality is pretty poor. I like the version of "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", for Dr. Gilmour plays some very cool stuff on it. Also, "Let There Be More Light" is performed which is a pretty rare track to find being played live.


1. Keep Smiling People (CwtAE) 10:46
2. Flaming 5:05
3. Let There Be More Light 7:27
4. Interstellar Overdrive 11:14
Total Time: 34:32