September 17, 1969 - The Man & The Journey - Concertgebow, Amsterdam

An awesome soundboard recording of this famous concert, the best source I've ever heard. It is much better than the MP3 recording that seems to be floating around these days and I thought that one was pretty good. This one, however, is far superior. The song transitions are clean with no cuts or edits and unlike the Amsterdam '69 RoIO, this boot contains the whole performance. Simply superb.

The set list for The Man and The Journey is as follows:

The Man...

  1. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)
  2. Work
  3. Afternoon (Biding My Time)
  4. Doing It
  5. Sleeping & Nightmare (Cymbaline)
  6. Labyrinth

The Journey...

  1. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour)
  2. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
  3. The Narrow Way, Part 3
  4. The Pink Jungle (Pow R. Toc H.)
  5. The Labyrinths of Auximenies
  6. Behold The Temple of Light
  7. The End of the Beginning (A Saucerful Of Secrets)