January 29, 1977 - West Berlin, West Germany

Here is what my friend Flynn had to say about this recording:

"Forgot to mention: 1.29.77 soundboard isn't "killer," but it's pretty damn good. There is [some] tape hiss. It's actually a compilation of tracks from two sources. You are already familiar with this version of Sheep, for it's the opener of the In the Flesh: European Tour '77 compilation you have. You haven't heard PotW1, PotW2, Dogs or Pigs (3do) tracks before. Because I had to splice them together, the tracks have pretty rude cuts in-between, so I'm firing off a copy to Danalog so he can do the proper fade-ins & outs.

The mixing is a bit poor (as evidenced by the Sheep track you know), but the highlight is Pigs (3do). It's awesome, Dave's and Roger's vocals are on totally separate channels, and Rog can be clearly heard calling out the number "5." You can really crank it, too."

The set list for this recording is as follows:

1. Sheep (12:20)
2. Pigs On The Wing - 1 (2:02)
3. Dogs (18:00)
4. Pigs On The Wing - 2 (2:25)
5. Pigs (3 Different Ones) (16:27)
Total Time - 51:14