February 4, 1977 - Hallenstadion - Zurich, Switzerland
                                 "With Bright Knives"

RoIO Liner Notes: Sourced by Steve Blank and Brett Pfieffer. Artwork by Ken Brankin, aka Tweak. Remastered by Flynn.

This is a compilation of tracks remastered and re-released by MoLM to resurrect the incomplete 4Feb77 Zurich Hallenstadion performance. Much of Dogs, all of Pigs and most of SoYCD6-9 were missing from the low generation 4Feb77 source.

There are a number of qualities that make this show so interesting to have and listen to. The taper is very close to the stage, and the recording has some of the fullest sound you'll hear from the '77 tour. The "prayer sequence" from Sheep is one of the clearest, most audible version in circulation. Dave's solos during Pigs (3d.o.) and SoYCD(1-5) are remarkable in their quality and intensity, which also sets this apart from some of the other '77 roios. This version of WYWH is also one of the better performances going.

MoLM chose the "filler tracks" from the two Berlin and Vienna concerts for several reasons, including similar sound quality, recording levels, and audience noise. The 29Jan77 tracks are from "Animals from the Soundboard", the 30Jan77 performance of Pigs (3 d.o.) is from "Absolut Floyd," and SoYCD6-9 is from 1Feb77 Vienna Stadhalle.

Remastering work included spending lots of time blending tracks to make this roio a "complete" concert, some minor speed correction, recording level adjustments and de-clicking. All tracks are from the lowest generation sources available.

Like any roio, it certainly has its flaws. In terms of the performance, while some passages are clearly inspired, the band also commits some obvious errors as well. Probably the most annoying aspect of this show is that "close to the stage" means some unwelcome bass distortion. Either that, or the speakers were right on top of the taper. There are cuts or gaps in PotW2 and WttM. Potw2 also has some speed problems that are not worth trying to correct. The encore, Money, is missing about one minute of its beginning. The show came with only about three minutes of Dogs, and about seven minutes of SoYCD(6-9). Neither track could be saved. Pigs was totally missing.

A few words about Roger's "numbering" of shows. Obviously, since Pigs (3do) is missing, it's hard to say for sure what number this show is. However, if one were to speculate, it would likely be "9". After quite a bit of research, here's what I can tell you about the numbered shows of that early string of Animals concerts:

  • 29Jan77 - Berlin is number "5"
  • 30Jan77 - Berlin is number "6"
  • 01Feb77 - Vienna is also number "6" (Rog goofed a few times)
  • 03Feb77 - Zurich is number "8"
  • 17Feb77 - Rotterdam is number "10"

Finally, if you don't have the following checksums in the MD5 shn program, then you don't have a genuine original MoLM release:

Set one, disc one:

  • f90483ca349a1ca50b621ac9aae1feda *101_4Feb77_Sheep.shn
  • f8ff3fc744a3ef6154469527b0857ae8 *102_4Feb77_PotW1.shn
  • 764b8f18b1b3f0b0a1198c2d766440fc *103_29Jan77_Dogs.shn
  • 626b0257a4c70872d6d8b40610a8f252 *104_4Feb77_PotW2.shn
  • e7ab76058118317f8f9d49e97bf36b7f *105_30Jan77_Pigs(3do).shn

Set two, disc two:

  • 13a682ff0028bf1d09e6e7943d09e62e *201_4Feb77_SoYCD1.shn
  • 98e50c9f2252887bb70f2fc57919c9b9 *202_4Feb77_WttM.shn
  • 95abf1b539827ac781302fb10b6965eb *203_4Feb77_HaC.shn
  • 7cf68263bb744f7ce18af18221d4cfb1 *204_4Feb77_WYWH.shn
  • 0bcdca09a402df3610fb65db2465417f *205_1Feb77_SoYCD2.shn
  • e606ad783c1340afbc30721b7b5045a3 *206_4Feb77_Money.shn

The Set-List:

All songs: Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland
February 4, 1977 except:

   *  29Jan77 - Berlin
     30Jan77 - Berlin
   #  01Feb77 - Vienna

  Disc One
  1. Sheep (11:32)
  2. Pigs On The Wing pt1 (1:44)
  3. Dogs (18:00) *
  4. Pigs On The Wing pt2 (2:16)
  5. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (16:50)
    Total Time for Disc One: 50:23
Disc Two
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamon I-V (13:52)
  2. Welcome To The Machine (6:42)
  3. Have A Cigar (5:46)
  4. Wish You Were Here (5:47)
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond VI-IX (17:33) #
  6. Money (Encore - 8:29)
    Total Time for Disc Two: 58:12


Shine on,

-- Flynn, Flupe and Danalog (The Men of Leisure)

Man of Leisure Music (MoLM)