Wall Demo, circa 1978

This is a very rare and interesting CD. In short, it is an early prototype for The Wall album. The general form of the record, that is, the framework or concept of The Wall, is all there and pretty much developed, but much of the music and lyrics are still in the early stages.

What does the demo sound like? Roger sings all of the vocals with one or two exceptions where Gilmour sings. (Gilmour's voice is not really present on the demo. For instance, on the song Young Lust there are no vocals at all.)

What kind of instruments are being played? There are guitar parts (electric and acoustic), keyboards (only a couple of different sounds), drums (some tracks use what sound like a drum machine), and bass parts. The arrangments to a large extent are fairly simple with some sound effects sprinkled throughout the recording. The sound quality is pretty good - stereo separation exists, and some minor tape hiss is present, but it is not bad. I rate this as a very good sounding RoIO, but keep in mind that this is just a demo - it was never intended to be released or heard by the general public. The boys were just getting their ideas down on tape so they could work with them. I wonder how the hell anyone got their hands on this thing in the first place.

I think this is a very special RoIO, but then again I'm very biased in my thinking. My opinion is that this recording would only interest serious Pink Floyd collectors. What the hell am I talking about? Who am I kidding? All of these recordings are only for serious collectors.