Roger Waters - K.A.O.S. Complete - This is a cool recording and includes some extra tunes that don't occur on Roger's official release of Radio KAOS. These extras come from singles that were B-sides for Radio KAOS and songs from the album When the Wind Blows. It was very well put together and the song transitions sound very smooth and professional. All and all, a very good presentation.

1.   Folded Flags, Part 1
2.   Radio Waves
3.   Who Needs Information
4.   Me or Him
5.   Get Back To Radio
6.   The Powers That Be
7.   Folded Flags, Part 2
8.   Going To Live in LA
9.   Sunset Strip
10. Home
11. Towers of Faith
12. Molly's Song
13. Four Minutes
14. The Tide Is Turning

Bonus Track: Lost Boys Calling (This version is different from the one that is listed in my Ultimate Rarities RoIO.)